Kah Yangni

Kah Yangni, is an artist & illustrator living in Philadelphia, PA: “For my first graphic, I thought I would make something about how black people have a long history of making our own futures. So even if we're not winning now, we inevitably will get back to that.”


Alex Albadree

"We live in a world built on human-made structures and systems that are designed to divide us, that are predicated on extraction and exploitation. Systemic change and progress have not been fast enough or gone deep enough. If communities are to thrive in the future, we need to quickly imagine and implement an entirely new approach centered on equity and rethink social, political, and economic systems.Through my artwork, I try to challenge the dominant narratives and status quo by reimagining what our world might look like."


Glori J Tuitt

Glori J Tuitt, is a New York City based Painter and Illustrator. Mining the collective history of queer representation, Tuitt sees herself as intermediary and visual translator assembling new hybrid archetypes and narratives.


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