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About the Campaign

"Movement to the Ballot Box" is an art series featuring authentic and compelling storytellers, creatives, culture makers and artists who are shifting mainstream narratives by centering our communities through their artist expressions. What's driving our movement for change? Stories and art that reflect the urgency and energy of the people. We're fighting for voting rights, economic justice, climate justice, access to abortion & reproductive justice, and gender and racial justice.

In a time of incredible potential and misinformation, the Movement to the Ballot Box campaign meets this moment by harnessing the power of artists to make the future we want feel possible, tangible, and inevitable. We also aim to inspire new ideas. When times feel uncertain, art inspires and motivates us to take action for justice and a better tomorrow. It reminds us that we have the collective power to build something better together. 

The campaign features artists from across disciplines who are passionate about telling stories that engage Black, Latinx, Indigenous, AAPI, and young people. With works at the intersection of migrant rights, climate change, racial and gender justice, and voting, the Movement to the Ballot Box art series activates the role of artists in powering political and cultural change. 

Now is the time to inspire and motivate. Now is the time to take action. Join us in creating a more harmonious future now.

Art Series

Written and Performed by: Alan Chazaro (@alan_chazaro)
Video by: Nix Guirre (femme.fwd)

About the Artists

About Us

"Movement to the Ballot Box" is about much more than just voting, it is a call for us to come together to claim our collective power and create a new future. Together, we must fight back against these attacks and continue to make the promise of our democracy real for us all.

In November 2020, despite the logistical limitations presented by the pandemic, day-long lines, and deliberate attempts to eliminate drop-off locations, voters turned out in record numbers to have their voices heard. Our communities have much to celebrate and much to claim in securing the gains made since then, but our work is just beginning. As we've seen from immigration to climate justice to the freedom to vote, the demand for change has not waned. Whether it's young people going on a hunger strike for action on climate or activists demanding protections for renters, the movement that ushered in a new government will usher in a new future.

At the same time in the months that followed, certain politicians continued to peddle electoral lies that fueled a deadly attack on the Capitol by armed right-wing militants. Many of these same leaders have doubled-down on attempts to silence us by erecting new barriers to voting and thwarting attempts to make ours a true multi-racial democracy. In addition to the attempts to further limit access to the ballot box, people are fatigued from the pandemic, and impatient with the pace of change they were promised. The joy and feelings of hope that were so present in the days after the election have become a distant memory, while at the same time right-wing authoritarian forces continue their unrelenting efforts in states to further marginalize Black, Indigenous, Latinx, LGTBQ, and migrant communities.

The Center for Cultural Power - Home

The Center for Cultural Power is a women of color, artist-led organization, inspiring artists and culture makers to imagine a world where power is distributed equitably and where we live in harmony with nature. We support artists through fellowships, training and opportunities for activation. We create intersectional stories and content addressing issues of migration, climate, gender and racial justice. We engage groups in cultural strategy and organize artists in issues that inspire them. Together with allies, we are co-creating a field of cultural strategy with organizations and practitioners through convenings, design teams and strategy tables.

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